Internship is the temporary position in an organization with an emphasis on on-the-job training before you are qualified for the actual job. In the job market, internships are pivotal for students to commence their career. TEKCEL provides this platform to the students who are seeking to enhance their career in the evolving IT sector. We encourage the budding talents, appreciate their efforts, polish their skills and provide the right tools that enable them to work towards a better future.

TEKCELsupports you:

  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Boost your resume
  • Learn Networking
  • Decide the right career path

At TEKCEL, we shape young talents and help mold your career. We assist in constructing your career foundation, to gain practical knowledge of various IT sectors. We provide special evaluation procedures and assignments that will upgrade your knowledge in the recent technological trends. Contact us with your questions and we are happy to be associated with you!


Being professionally trained ensures a much greater chance of your success in that field. The ever-dynamic and evolving field of IT emphasizes on learning and getting trained in the latest technological platform to survive the active competition. Our experts provide training in various areas but not limited to Cloud technology, Testing, Web-based application, Mobile application development, Software, Networking, etc.

At TEKCEL, our experienced developers and trainers have innovated and created complex IT solutions to train our clients. We customize our training solutions to best fit the client’s needs. We empower our clients with the right tools and knowledge that would motivate them to take the driver seat.

We take utmost care to address the unique needs of our clients be it web based solutions, mobile applications, networking, software, and many other related ones. We provide a combination of classroom-style and hands-on practice as an effective means of educating clients, either at implementation or to keep staff up to date through the life of the product.

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